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Transformations and Space

Author: Dr Shirley MC Yeung 

A study was conducted by Yeung to explore the factors relating to transformative space for business under Covid-19. Literature search was carried out on the research papers published between 2011 and 2021. Thirteen papers were found. After reviewing the papers, several factors appeared to relate to the topic which included transformative business with productivity in space, technological change, cultural values for economic growth, readiness of factors to transform, wellness space fulfillment, platform with entrepreneurship to collaborate, revenue generation platform and skill-based virtual workforce.To further examine their relevancy to the topic, a text search using the above factors as keywords was done with Nvivo. 

Findings revealed that some factors such as transformative business with productivity in space, cultural values for economic growth and technological change were widely and frequently cited with 695, 245 and 157 references in at least 11 papers respectively while factors that were comparatively less mentioned were readiness of factors to transform, wellness space fulfillment and revenue generation platform (Table 1)

Table 1 Findings of text search
Factors Sources References

Transformative Business with Productivity in Space 13 695

Technological Change 13 157

Cultural Values for Economic Growth 11 245

Readiness of Factors to Transform 9 24

Wellness Space Fulfillment 11 47

Platform with entrepreneurship to collaborate 8 159

Revenue Generation Platform 8 55

Skill-based Virtual Workforce 7 57

Further reviewing the papers, relationships between the factors were found in which cultural values for economic growth, technological change and platform with entrepreneurship to collaborate had contributions to transformative business with productivity in space.  


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