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Innovative model and corporate social sustainability

Author: Dr Shirley MC Yeung 

Riding on the key findings of Yeung (2015) on reviewing 16 research papers on innovative model and corporate social sustainability (CSR) innovation from 2010 to 2014 via qualitative and quantitative analysis of N’ vivo to design a checklist to building an innovative mindset for corporate sustainability with individual innovation, organizational innovation, and innovative operation environment, this article  is to link up the sharing of Mr. Andy Chik, Chief Regional Director, FWD on transformational leadership and peer community building with the use of technology and an open-mindset to accept the personality of peers, to realise the changes under COVID-19, and to link up with stakeholders for brand building.

Mr Andy Chik awarded the Outstanding Community Intermediary of the Year category in 2020 and he has actively participated many sports and marathon running events with impacts created.

He mentioned to the students of Higher Diploma in Transformation Business Management, Gratia Christian College that “management and staff members need to work together to maintain on-going dialogue via different kinds of technology for relationship building, customer relationship, and relationship enhancement in virtual formats.” Besides on-going and virtual relationship building, an article of Deloitte highlights that “artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the physics of financial services, weakening the bonds that have held together the component parts of incumbent financial institutions and opening the door to entirely new operating models. “

Hence, it is time to re-visit different kinds of transformative business models via virtual relationship building and innovative tech-financial services.




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