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Further extension of the Internet Power

The essence of the Internet is open, and the research and development investment from the father of optical fiber makes the exchange of Internet information faster and more powerful. The huge network that is connected and the network connects people online all the time. Obviously, most people’s time is to live online and offline. According to online authoritative media Hootsuite statistics, in 2018, there are more than 4 billion Internet users worldwide, breaking through more than half of the world’s population. The average time spent on the Internet is more than six hours a day. In the fast-growing of developing countries, how can a future leader not mastering Internet power?

Even in the Church community. The American “Life Church” realized the importance of this field a few years ago. It carried out a global Internet ministry by experiment and produced a mobile Bible program (YouVersion) familiar to all believers. The 300 million downloads of the e-Bible, offering a choice of 1074 languages, providing a Bible study plan to bless countless believers’ lives, and in recent years their highly developed online development network (OpenNetwork) provides a large number of pastoral materials for use by churches around the world, including Worship resources, online sermons, discipleship, child ministry, etc., form a vast network of churches. The Internet can definitely be greatly blessed by God because it is only a tool of the times. The leader of the Kingdom of God can master the skills of the tools, and he can get people like fish. On the contrary, it is like throwing a net in a shoal, which is counterproductive.

Another situation we must understand is the fundamental changes in information dissemination. In the past, after the Industrial Revolution era, the world tends to be relatively unidirectional, knowledge and information are released by the central government, and the mass media are watching is mostly in one way communication, such as television broadcasting. The audience can choose a limited channel and watch scheduled programs; for example, magazine newspapers, Its all arranged by the media, and the audience receives less autonomy. This is the age of the breakthrough of the centralized management mindset after the industrial revolution. We all used to this model, including the government, school, corporate, etc. However, the emergence of the Internet, especially the rise of online social media, technology quietly released personal influence, and research called “micro-power”

The spread of information is becoming more and more non-universal, and it has changed into a network-based structure. As power is gradually dispersed among individuals, the influence between people is constantly expanding. For example, the “ice bucket challenge” launched by a charity on the Internet a few years before, the release of social media videos can simultaneously and instantly influence the celebrities in many countries like Hong Kong, Europe, and other Australia. The masses have followed the participation and produced an amazing snowball effect. According to some statistics, the organization received 80 million US dollars in just over a month. The market budget of the investment is close to zero. This is a miracle that has never happened in the past but happen in the Internet age

Author: Anson Tang


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