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Future Industries of our innovations

Smart toys of robotic will be one of future industries, this pioneering work has made up for the gap in the education of infant robots in all countries, so that children can also accept the enlightenment education of robots.

Our HuaRobot core technology Power Shield will support power management, Bluetooth control interface, servo-motor, sensor and various accessories, mobile Apps support iOS and Android. Our design can be transformed easily, due to its compatibility with all other common LEGO technic bricks.

You can add your own parts to the HuaRobot and create a totally new robotic design. Never has it been that easy to affix your electronics to an assembly kit. The benefit we can share with :
Emotion goal:

Through the assembly of the robot and the input of the program, the child feels the charm of technology and the magic of the robot, which has a strong interest in the robot. Knowledge goal:

Learn new sensors and learn how to use sensors and coding for various smart robots.
Understand the role of various decomposition instruction cards and how to use them.
Capability goal:

Through the self-built robot and the decomposition of the instruction card, the child’s creativity and hands-on ability can be cultivated, and the child’s logical thinking ability can be cultivated.
Communicate and discuss with the teacher, design, assemble, program and run the robot together, break the mystery of the robot, and understand that the robot is everywhere. A sense of accomplishment is achieved while completing the robot work.

Author: Lewis Ng


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