In 2021, the author conducted a study to explore the factors relating to STEAM curriculum in relation to trying new ways of doing things, be playful and be calm. A literature search was carried out on articles published between 2011 and 2021. Ten articles related to the topic were found. After reviewing the articles, several factors were identified and appeared to be relevant. They included Self Starter with STEAM Mindset, Practical curriculum, Integrative Design, Appropriate Guide, Solutions for Complex Challenges, Relationship between context and tasks, Engage the User with Heart.

During a recent interview with Mr. Gary To on 6th April, 2021, an experienced vocal music pedagogy professional with training delivered for teachers, there are three main areas which make us be aware of music wellness for playful and calmness. They are: 

1) Wellness depends on the extent of prospect that people can foresee;

2) Prospect relies on the way of perceiving music in wellness – hobby-based music therapy, personal growth via hobby-based music therapy; or

3) Prospect relates to the balanced use of imagination and ‘fact-based voice pedagogy’ in music wellness.

Mr Gary To (left) and Author


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