STEAM Mindset for Future

"Integrated advocacy strategy with the principles of UNPRME and UNSDGs, multi-disciplinary knowledge, engagement platform and design thinking for innovative products/ services/ processes is needed for social inclusion." (Yeung, 2021)

Appropriate Guide722
Engage User with Heart728
Integrative Design7190
Practical curriculum798
Relationship between context and tasks736
Self Starter with STEAM Mindset8519
Solutions for Complex Challenges8109
Text Search with N’vivo

A study was conducted by the author to explore the factors relating to STEAM Mindset.  Literature search was carried out on articles published between 2011 and 2021.  Ten articles related to the topic were found.  After reviewing the articles, several factors were identified and appeared to be relevant. 

They included Self Starter with STEAM Mindset, Practical curriculum, Integrative Design, Appropriate Guide, Solutions for Complex Challenges, Relationship between context and tasks, Engage User with Heart.

To further examine their relevancy to the topic, a text search using the above factors as keywords was done with Nvivo.  Findings revealed that some factors such as

Self Starter with STEAM Mindset, Integrative Design, Solutions for Complex Challenges, Practical curriculum frequently appeared in the articles with 519, 190 and 109 references respectively while factors that were less mentioned were Appropriate Guide, Engage User with Heart, Relationship between context and tasks (table 1 of above).


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