Inspiring Girls for Future Talents

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) # 4.7 - Knowledge Transfer and # 5 Gender Equality


“Inspiring Girls Hong Kong” was set up to create meaningful social capital in the local community by investing in youth education and promote valuable reciprocity between corporations and schools. The program encourages social cooperation and cohesion between student families and organizations and in doing so, building a sustainable and impactful society.

The four main focus areas of Inspiring Girls Hong Kong are:

Youth education,

Disadvantaged youth,

Employment-enhancing vocational skills, and

Empowering females.

Innovations – Online and Offline Speed-mentoring

The program consists of a series of 6 workshops that help school girls between 10-18 identify core values and sparks their passion to determine the skills they want to learn or develop further. This will ultimately shape what job they would like to pursue and from there, we connect them with successful female leaders in their chosen field. One of the aims is to connect students with female role models from different fields so as to expand their knowledge of what jobs are available and encourage their curiosity and learning in different industries.

These role models meet them face to face in schools or online in a speed-networking ‘format to talk to a group of girls about their life career choices and experiences. Additionally, high-profile celebrities, influencers, and leaders will be invited for a video interview to inspire girls online – which is occasionally content for all students.

“Inspiring Girls Hong Kong” supports schools by bringing resources to facilitate their teaching goals and the program can be run as part of the existing curriculum or take place outside of core lessons on specified days after school. Parents are invited to join the role model cohort and teachers are invited to facilitate the speed-mentoring sessions and to encourage the girls to pursue additional learning beyond the program via our corporate partners.

The program will focus on the growing industries in the aspects of sustainability, STEM, Art and culture with emotional goals and behavioral goals and ultimately boost the confidence of girl participants to learn from role models who have built successful careers in these industries.


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