According to United Nations (UN), May 15 is International Day of Families. Under COVID-19 pandemic, families play an important role in Calmness, Relationship Building, and Resilience.

In fact, UN also highlights that investing in social policies to protect the most vulnerable individuals and families under Covid19 is a hot issue, rethinking and reinventing strategies to provide a shelter to our family members from harm, and resuming a state of calmness to continuing our work responsibilities and family contributions.

During a recent interview with Ms. Rachel Shum, Director of Memorigin, about the role of family and women attributes in gender equality (#UNSDG5), Ms. Shum highlights that happiness in families is well relied on the following elements:

– a high level of self awareness in identifying growth opportunities,
– a low level expectations from family members to release tensions,
– a high level of building a new perspective of co-creating solutions for families, and 
– a high level of redefining roles of family members with consideration of context.

“During the journey of knowing the personalities of my husband, building a home with a new member, walking together with my husband and daughter for brand building of Memorigin, HK Brand of Tourbillon Watch, in the past 10 years, I realized that wisdom of women in management and in families is to save a space for yourself, treating yourself with values you, your family, and the community treasured for accommodating the differences, adjusting lifestyle, and appreciating outcomes co-created in a spontaneous way,” said Rachel.


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