“Communities with high social connections permit the exchange and transfer of knowledge, adaptive resources, and the capacity for coping behaviors—all of which are crucial for encouraging preventive behaviors during hazards and crises.” (Li et.al, 2020)

Based on the ideas of Li, (2020) on communities, knowledge transfer, capacity for coping behaviours, and the role of families under COVID-19, we need to re-think the key elements of a happy family for the International Day of Families – 15th May.

In fact, families are similar to a small community with identity and a common goals. During a recent interview with Ms. Katheline Lee, a mother of a young celebrity in Hong Kong – Celine Yeung, happy family is an outcome of the evolution process of family members who give contributions in:

Ms. K. Lee – Mother of Young Celebrity (Celine Yeung) – Left
  • Co-creating happy memories with family members’ presence;
  • Co-developing a mutul growth learning process;
  • Co-following the values treasured by the family; and
  • Co-generating love to family and people around the family with a concept of “community”.

“Without sending demanding requests to people around you and allowing space to disrupt the boundaries of traditional thinking process may bring happiness to the family,” said Ms. Lee.


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