#SDG 4 Community Identity and Education for Growth

Culture shapes our identity, behaviour, and development


“The transformative power of culture for social inclusion, resilience, and sustainable development is increasingly recognized as a key enabler for Sustainable Development.” (UN Culture and Sustainable Development, May 2019)

Under COVID-19, the local communities may take an important role to identify their key attributes for sustainable development and social inclusion with the consideration of global and local context. Cultural characteristics are fundamental elements for human development, innovations, and transformations with impacts.

After analyzing 9 articles about the stories of Teochew people, 2 academic papers, and 1 article about employees loyalty, the key elements for Teochew attributes for sustainable development are:
Community Identity and Education to Grow.

No boundary to others513
Education for Grow869
Community Identity4162
Teochew Attributes for Sustainable Development12269
Ms. May Lam, Chief Secretary, Teochew International Federation (far left)/ Mr. Ray Chui, Chairman, Kam Kee Holdings Limited (2nd left) /
Dr. Y.N. Chan, Executive President, Teochew International Federation


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