Since the adoption of UNSDGs in New York in September 2015, inclusive community (SDG#16) with quality of education (UNSDG#4) for economic development (SDG#8) has been mentioned. Vocational education and training have become a growing concern in helping the needy for new skills development.

Ines Gafsi (Co-Founder, FEW)

A study on women’s impacts on business and entrepreneurship was conducted by the author.  Materials about Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW), an international business platform, which offers business networks, masterclasses, and consultation services to its female fellows to develop their business were studied.  Videos from the website of FEW ( about business leaders sharing their success stories of developing their business were analyzed.  Eight videos were selected, transcribed, and analyzed.  With our knowledge of female leadership in business, we came up with several themes related to the topic which included Recovery from COVID-19 via entrepreneurial spirit, Knowledge-based therapeutic services, Interaction between personality and wellness, Willingness to seek care with prevention, Policy to release burden for gender equality, Personal traits.


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