Re-think Art Events from Artist’s Perspective

UNSDG #3/8/17


Mitchell Seeyu (Hung Kit Mei) was born and raised in Hong Kong. Graduated from Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and garnered a Master of Visual Arts in the Baptist University of Hong Kong, she has worked in local major media as a news reporter and editor. Commencing from 2008, Seeyu picked up Chinese ink paintings under Lingnan school master Lam Wu Fui and studied landscape paintings under the contemporary master painter Mr. Leung Kiu Ting.

Based on recent dialogue with artist Mitchell Hung with exhibition experience since 2016 about the process of organizing Chinese drawing exhibitions and training related projects, the following input-process-output model probably needs to be considered with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs):

For example,

Inputs of

–        Re-thinking from a new perspective of art and creative related industries, for example, online art-related training courses and the use of NFT for transactions

–        Importing sustainable craftsmanship of drawing, painting, Chinese Calligraphy into training and community services 

Processes of

–        Re-inventing innovative expressions of cultural diversity, for example, using Chinese Calligraphy techniques in drawing HK scenic places within 19 districts with HK spirit 
–        Applying the knowledge of Chinese painting techniques from women to different age groups at the different cultural background for diversity

Outputs/Outcomes of :

–        Making contributions to Sustainable Development via SDG#3 – wellness with the use of drawing as a therapy for happiness,
SDG#8 – economic impacts with an innovative business model to generate revenue, # 9 – innovations with the use of technology in/ for drawing, drawing delivery, and payment system, and #17 – partnership with a community creation of loving art
Mitchell Seeyu (left)


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