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From Self Awareness to Responsible Sustainable Development – MiMi Tang, Former President of Kering, Asia Pacific

Under post COVID-19 in 2021, not only organizational stress is common, but also the well-being of employees, management and partners is definitely affected by different contextual factors. Gladies and Kennedy (2011) quoted the four factors leading to stress identified by Lim and Teo (1999) are: lack of career advancement, fear of making mistakes, difficulty in team work and non-involved nature in work. Under the circumstances of economic downturn, organizational restructuring and dissatisfaction of employees, it is time to study the elements, measurements, solutions and future challenges of Quality of Work Life (QWL) and the key elements for “Futures of Education” (FoE) for industrialization 4.0.

Emotion Sustainability and Sustainable Partners are crucial in the workplace. The 4 levels of wellness sustainability can be classified from the fundamentals of physical wellness for accessibility, followed by mental wellness with energy, positive thinking personality, and spiritual support. The highest level is commonality of partners in a community.

This has been echoed by Ms. Mimi Tang who is well experienced in fashion retail business and women empowerment activities. Ms. Tang mentioned that “CAR“ is important for Futures of Education and Quality of Life. The idea of “CAR” –  Curiosity with commitment to create in life, Awareness of well being to self and employees working within an organization, and Responsibility to self, family, organization and community is to:

1) Understanding your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs and strength to create solutions in life under post COVID-19;

2) Facing challenges with curiosity for applying well-developed critical thinking and decision-making with accountability for business innovations and transformations under uncertainties; and

3) Enhancing community development with a sustainability mindset and responsible networks for creating influences with hearts. 


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