On 31st July, 2021, Dr Yeung convened a SDG/ ESD training with SDSN Kenya Community focused on Youth and Women Groups, speakers and participants come from 8 countries – Serbia, Myanmar, Marshall Island, Kenya, Egypt Nigeria, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The key learning outcomes of the training well align with the insights of the sharing of Mr Moon in terms of  applying vocational skills and values of respect with a caring mind to mutually explore potentials.

On 9th August, 2021, one of the SDG Enterprise Award Winners (organised by Junior Chamber International Victoria Hong Kong), Mr Moon, Founder of Tin Shing Dojang shared with us the importance of vocational skills and respect of diversity with caring in sport related industries for sustainable business. Mr Moon W.C. mentioned that understanding the needs of emotion and the changes in behavior with true communication and “freestyle” low touch network in sports related services can offer help in relationship restoration and enhancement.

Mr Moon (left), Founder of Tin Shing Dojang – SDG Enterprise Award Winner, JCI Victoria 2021

“With caring and techniques in handling diversity, psychological barriers can be realized, innovations can be widened with physical barriers narrowed down. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)3/ 4/ 5 can be enhanced with respect to gender equality and disadvantaged groups, creating learning / business opportunities,” said Mr. Moon.

Mr. Moon (Back row, 2nd from left)

Mr Moon, a passionate spiritual leader partners with students in needs at different ages and background to identify their potentials for capacity building.

Reference on JCI Victoria – https://www.vjc.org.hk/sdgenterpriseawards


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