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Lesson Learned from SDG Enterprise Awards, JCI Victoria, 2021 – Future of Taekwondo Related Services

“Buddhist livelihood is inherently frugal and simple as it is striving to satisfy basic human needs, but deny all additional desires aiming consumption.”(Welford 2006, Zsolnai 2008 in Kovacs, 2014)

Basic human needs include happiness and healthy socialization with a mindset of 

peacefulness and sustainable development. 

During a recent interview with Mr. Kwan Tsz Lok (Hong Kong Taekwondo Action Association, Coach/

Hong Kong Baptist University Taekwondo Team, Coach / Ex Hong Kong Cadet Taekwondo Team, Trainer/ World Children Sport Committee, Coach Committee) on 15th August, 2021, he highlighted that SDGs can be integrated into the core values of delivering Taekwondo services for children and adults, for example SDG#12 responsible consumption and production, in terms of updating Taekwondo trainers with latest rules of Olympic Games so as to develop a sense of responsibility to trainees. 

Besides SDG#12, Mr Kwan also mentioned that a mindset of right to develop is needed for female community and parent community on perceiving Taekwondo. “It is more than a sports to obtain the “Belt” recognition. It is a way to engage peers for happiness, team spirit, and entrepreneurial spirit to overcome life challenges under COVID-19″, said Mr Kwan.

Mr. Kwan Tsz Lok

Miss Dara Sum, SDG Entreprise Awards Chairlady, JCI Victoria, 2021 echoed that Taekwondo is a life skills training that more innovations and transformations are needed in educating the community on the motivations and sense of achievements developed from Taekwondo and other sports related services.

Mr. Alan Lam (President, JCI Victoria, far left) and Ms.Dara Sum, (Chairlady, SDG Enterprise Awards, 2021, JCI Victoria)


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