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SDG for Staff Engagement and Organizational Growth

Under post COVID-19 in 2021, not only organizational stress is common, but also the well-being of employees, management and partners is definitely affected by different contextual factors. Gladies and Kennedy (2011) quoted the four factors leading to stress identified by Lim and Teo (1999) are:

 lack of career advancement, fear of making mistakes, difficulty in team work, and non-involved nature in work.


Based on the sharing of Mr. Danny Lai, Director, Riverflow Engineering Co. Ltd. (one of the winners in SDG Enterprise Awards organized by JCI Victoria, 2021) on 

26th August, 2021, preparation for the SDG Award motivates team spirit of employees and the knowledge of applying SDGs into workflow for self-discipline has been widened.

Mr. Danny Lai, Riverflow Engineering Co. Ltd.

From the perspective of 4M in Total Quality Management (TQM) discipline – Manpower, Machinery, Materials, and Methods, the case of engineering / interior design projects handled by Mr. Lai in HK, China and Singapore demonstrated that local / national standardization in the workflow, for example, application of functional features in design, and standardization of staff wellness with team spirit to enhance the success of workflow are equally important. 


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