Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7 – QOOLMATE with Architectural PM Skills


Based on the sharing of Mr. Sidney Tang, HK registered architect / Creator of QOOLMATE – The Future  Icepack & TTFIC- Thermal Thick Film Integrated Circuit, project management skills are transferable to pursuing your dreams with happiness. 

Planning a message to impress a panel with innovations and transformations of a newly designed product, organizing a empathetic storyboard, motivating peers to be your partners to tackle challenges in startups, and controlling the outcomes in service delivery are the basic skills of project management of which skills of understanding the market of price acceptance is needed to be enhanced under COVID-19 from a humanistic and psychological perspective. 

Through the interview, it is realised that UN Sustainable Development Goals #4.7 – Knowledge Transfer, #12 -Responsible Consumption and Production, and #8 – Economic Impacts, and #9 – Innovations are desirable to be integrated into project management for creating humanistic impacts. 

It is recommended that ongoing dialogue with applied research collaborated with innovators, incubators, educators, and policy-makers is needed for the success of the futures of education.   


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