Futures of Education – SDG 4/16/17 – Knowledge Transfer via Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs + Peace Mindset)

The dimensions of Reliability and Responsiveness are particularly important, when it comes the video conferencing aspect of E-learning. A study has shown this to be true as students claim that the “low-quality of internet services is the biggest obstacle to its application” (Maatuk et al., 2021). https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12528-021-09274-2


Under COVID-19, there is a need for quality services with qualified service providers showing transparency, traceability and accountability. E-learning needs to be redefined with potentials in new business creation via creating a variety of platforms in real time workforce management, contact point service, and analytical quality management with partnership and tools, such as SERVQUAL applied to the context of E-learning for achieving new normal of productivity with service quality.

Dr Darwin CHEN, SBS, Honorary Advisor, UNESCO Hong Kong Association (5th from right – back row)/
Ms. Mitzi Leung, Vice President, UNESCO Hong Kong Association (4rd from right – back row)/
Mrs. Donna Buckland,Chairperson, Futures of Education HK & GBA Forum 2021
Management Committee, UNESCO HK Association GPC (6th from right – back row)/
Dr. Shirley Yeung, Associate Vice President/Organizing Committee, Futures of Education HK & GBA Forum 2021;
Agencies Liaison, Research Publication Convenor, UNESCO HK Association GPC (7th from right – front row) /
Mr. Eugene Fong, Partnership Engagement Chair of UNESCO HK GPC (8th from left – front row)

On 10th November, 2021, Futures of Education Forum 2021 organised by UNESCO HK Association/ Glocal Peace Centre with survey sponsor, Ipsos and supporting organization, Gratia Christian College, School of Business, took place at Asia Society, Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall with distinguished guests and participants. The speeches delivered by the speakers echo to the needs of real time workforce management, contact point of services to students via technology, and analytical quality management with local, regional and global partners for new normal.

“I, especially liked the part about how skills can be gained and applied through adapting curriculum/assessments and having meaningful projects. Also liked sharing on students taking ownership for learning and being responsible for themselves which would involve integrative and practical curriculum and the examples shared like engaging industry experts to share their expertise with students and directly engaging in their lessons.”

(Navaneetha S. Nath, Community Builder)

Dr. Shirley Yeung (far left), Mr. Joseph Yim (teacher in marketing) and students, Higher Diploma in Transformative Business Management,
Gratia Christian College (GCC), UNPRME Advanced Signatory Institute


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