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Transformation via SDGs + Ongoing Dialogue and Networking to Serve

Sustainable Development (SD) mindset with entrepreneurial spirit and design thinking have been mentioned in past studies for innovations and transformations.  Under COVID-19, there is a need for a new way of learning and teaching in educational and training services to stay connected with teachers, learners and industry practitioners across boundaries. It is time to explore resilience skills and values from different industries to re-imagine a disruptive business model to re-design existing services in a practical and sustainable way.

Application of design thinking is a fundamental stage to explore demands of potential customers. Putting into the context of future elements for education involved with mindset change and the use of technology, it is time to revisit the use of SERVQUAL model to close the gap of expectations and perceptions of futures of education from stakeholders’ view point. Krudthong (2017) mentioned that service quality defined by Aeithaml, Berry and Parasuraman as excellence – how well a customer’s needs are met, and how well the service meets the customer’s expectations. Based on their study, the management’s ranking of importance is 1) Empathy, 2) Assurance, 3) Tangibles, 4) Responsiveness and 5) Reliability while the customer’s ranking is 1) Assurance, 2) Reliability, 3) Responsiveness, 4) Tangibles and 5) Empathy.

It opens the areas to identify the ways to narrow down the perception of  Empathy and Assurance. They also highlighted that a key possible cause of discrepancies is the constraints imposed on management by market conditions, organization policies and available resources.

Mr. One Yeung, “One Stretching” applied knowledge gained from the courses of “Talent Development for Capacity Building” and “Innovative Service Quality Management” of Higher Diploma in Transformative Business Management (HDTBM) Programme into his business – operations of wellness/ stretching related services with business expansion and transformation via SDG 3 (wellness)/ 4.7 (knowledge transfer) /17 (partnership) and servant leadership to serve the community through ongoing dialogue and networking to narrow down the perception of empathy and assurance from different perspectives.

Reference: http://www.gcc.edu.hk/business/gcc-students-learn-transformation-from-sports-entrepreneur/

Mr. One Yeung (3rd right) and Mr. Kollin (1st left),
One Stretching Academy – Opening Ceremony


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