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Wellness via artistic-based therapy – using hands with a focused mind to resilience

Under COVID-19, we realize that there is a need to learn about adaptation to uncertainty. Life skill development with economic choice making is a never ending journey.

During the interview with Ms. Barbara Raimondo, Ceramic Artist, who used to work in the financial sector, lately as internal auditor in Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong, on 9th Jan. 2022, we come to understand that life changes along with passion and adjustment.

“In the past 2 years, people are looking for opportunities to relax their minds as they have been thinking a lot about how to pull through and what really are the own priorities in life. People start to plan more time for themselves and/or for family, friends, community, ” said Barbara.

Mr. Vlada Davidovic (Campo Marzio, Tai Kwun) and Barbara Raimondo, Ceramic Artist (middle)

Barbara mentions that wellness related therapy can be classified into 2 perspectives:

Artist perspective for self discovery, and

Therapy perspective for solutions.

The new book of Dr. Yeung on Wellness and Transformation provides insights on art business with energy and synergy creation with language, paintings, Chinese calligraphy for developing a new perspective for life and business. This echos to the ideas expressed by Barbara that professional collaboration between artists and wellness related therapists / academic researchers with women attributes, for example, be careful, be ready to follow new or true priorities and be yourself spiritually are the future trend with new jobs creation under COVID-19.

The insights from Barbara Raimondo, Ceramic Artist are : developing awareness to transform to sustain life with consciousness and happiness, changing from fast-paced to slow-paced, from seeking instant results to attention to the small, but significant changes leading to the big transformation , from gaining benefits to sacrificing with passion to serve the community.


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