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Sustainable Development via Women Empowerment + Understanding of SDGs

Wendy Lam, Cofounder, Lifeast – Let’s tell the story

Based on the interview with women professionals in academic, healthcare and worldwide NGOs from America, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong conducted in May – June, 2020 by Yeung (2021), the following areas may be innovative business/ social opportunities for increasing the participation and contribution of women in achieving UNSDG# 3- well-being, 4 – knowledge transfer, # 5 gender equality,

# 8 decent jobs, # 9 innovations and #17 partnership with economic impacts:

  1. “Championship Leadership Awareness” events for capacity building and civic citizenship;
  2. “Women Dialogue” with female leadership role played at different sectors at different levels under Post COVID-19;
  3. “New Skills Development and Enhancement Virtual Training”; and
  4. “Entrepreneurial Business/ Social Working Opportunities” to offer help for jobs loss during the pandemic.

Ms Lam, Cofounder of Lifeast mentioned that United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)#12 – responsible production and consumption is important in supply chain management with traceability, transparency and accountability in the process flow of products/ services creation.

Wendy Lam, Cofounder, Lifeast (middle)

Through a recent interview in Jan., 2022 by Liu, a student in Higher Diploma in Transformative Business Management (HDTBM), School of Business, Gratia Christian College, UNPRME Advanced Signatory Institute, Hong Kong, we realised that the platform of Lifeast gathers different stories to impress participants and increase their curiosity to locate creators and purchase creators’ products as a support to the community.

Wendy Lam, Co-founder, Lifeast (middle), Liu (far right) and Billy Chan, Manager, Universe Printing (far left)

In fact, SDG#12 is more than responsibility. It is a way of thinking to act.


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