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Ecosystem of Art Life Business Community

  1. Ecosystem of Artist Community

Understand how artists think and creating a platform with jobs and contents to share for artist community

  • Ecosystem of Technological Specialists

Implement technology and related tools from a user perspective with Intellectual Property (IP) awareness and delivery of values, products/ services with happiness

  • Ecosystem of Educators

Re-imagine and re-design curriculum to engage learners with contexts and contents across boundaries for developing / strengthening applied research thinking skills, soft skills, diversity thinking, flexible delivery, international context via a good use of technology and contents from artists for resilience.

The inputs of art from daily life enhance our well being, the processes of converting the contents of art into services and products to bring insights, and the outputs of wellness and peace related products / services make us feel engaged with happiness. 

Give Yourself a Break to Understand Art Life Community – To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City Harbour

Through a visit to a designated route of To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City Harbour, we understand community formation with culture, changes with opportunities, and transformation with a new mindset of integrating technology and humanity to educate the young generation of preserving culture and values of the community.

The true meaning of education is to educate the “hearts” and the “minds”. Technology talents are needed in the markets at all stages of inputs, processes and outputs for futures of education – higher cognitive skills, social and emotional skills and technological skills.


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