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Quality of Education – SDG4.7

Providing quality education via UNSDGs 4.7 Knowledge Transfer is not an easy task. 

Walk with vision is important for all levels of employees working in an organization. This is the strategic imperatives of St. Paul’s College  – using Hands, Minds and Hearts for quality lifelong and life-wide education.

“We nurture the Hands to turn Wisdom into Action”

St. Paul’s College – Attributes

Mr. Keith Wong, Vice Principal of St. Paul’s College shared his experience of integrating UNSDGs into their 3-year strategic plan and curriculum for building an inclusive world with the inputs of :
– Realizing your BEST, 
– Exploring Transformative WAYS to SHINE, and 
– CHOOSING a wise channel to influence.

The 3 layers of Transformation from the viewpoint of Mr. Wong are:
1) Foundation of empathy with realization of Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment
2) Building a mindset with St. Paul’s 12 values –

curious, creative, respectful, communicative, entrepreneurial, healthy,

principled, collaborative, caring, prudent, positive and citizenship 
3) Applying craftsmanship with ongoing SDGs related activities to increase implementation skills of St Paul’s talents to be global citizens.

Under covid19, Mr Wong has been striving hard to keep students aware of their potentials via building platforms with experts from different areas in a transformative way, for example,  applying SY Model of Shirley Yeung via multidisciplinary knowledge, engagement platform and design thinking with Innovations for Sustainable Development.


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