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Women Empowerment – Entrepreneurial Spirit, Design Thinking and SDGs via UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy

On March 25, 2022, Dr. Shirley Yeung presented a speech on SDG#12 (Responsible Consumption and Production)

for the ALPHAzulu Nugget 1Minute 1Goal event (https://www.facebook.com/AlphaZULUng/photos/a.1026574840694084/5385798344771690/).

Dr.  Yeung mentioned that opportunities may be arisen to reverse the current situation on wastes created in production and consumption.

Based on UNSDG#12, Sustainable Consumption and Production is about doing more and better with less. It is time to rethink and re-invent from a green economy perspective with efficient use of 4Ms – manpower, machinery, materials, methods and social inclusion for a better community. 

During an interview with Ms.  Karine Leung, JCI East Kowloon Chapter Hong Kong, Community Development Project Chairperson/ Winner of UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy, First Cohort 2021 on March 26, 2022, she echoed the idea of Dr. Yeung on applying metaverse mindset with a platform of global interaction and engagement. 

Ms. Karine Leung, Winner, UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy 2021

Karine mentioned that women need to be empowered with skill set development in identifying one’s passion with processes of interest exploration, technology, social / emotion awareness and a higher level of cognitive skills for visualizing passion. Karen has applied the entrepreneurial spirit, design thinking and knowledge of SDG from UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy project via her video production, from story board to video shooting, editing and post production. 

Movie and art related activities are a sense of appreciation to engage audience from different parts of the world. Karine has demonstrated her series of video in social media with metaverse mindset and responsible production –  traceability and transparency.

To conclude, it is time to rethink the ways to maintain a balance between human-touched and machinery-related works with more responsibility and less resources in different industries, for example, POPsible NFT paintings platform in HK with social inclusion and educational value, spatial io, Mozilla Hub with multi-disciplinary knowledge.

UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy with Dr. Shirley Yeung as project designer and advisor, has established a platform for SDG#12 responsible consumption and production, SDG #4 – knowledge transfer, #5 women empowerment, #9 innovations and #17 partnership, empowering winners and participants to serve the society for a better world. 


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