Under COVID-19, traditional business models may not be implemented smoothly. New mindset, innovative technology and talent development with support of relevant policies are needed for sustainable business.

Recently, the author has conducted a content analysis to identify the potential factors related to Disruptions in Service Operations. 

Ten articles published from 2010 to 2022 were discovered. By thoroughly diving into these articles, relevant factors are identified to the topic, including: Token with Values, Cultural Values, New Digital Assets with Values, Cognitive Social Capital, anf Values in Community.

#SDG 3/5/8/17 – Cultural Values with Blockchain Technology

In order to verify the initial findings of the above qualitative data analysis, an interview has been conducted with Mr. Andrew Kao,  Director, InnoBlock Technology Limited in April, 2022. It is realized that the futures of business rely on vertical and horizontal diversification with blockchain concepts and technology to enhance traceability and accountability.

“Apparel and catering industries with art and cultural elements with blockchain and NFTs concept are the focus of our future development,” said Mr Kao.

Mr. Andrew Kao, Director, InnoBlock Technology Limited (Left) /
Mr. Anson Chin, Management Trainee, Fufa Labs (right)

They have been working on a diversified service Industry expansion with cultural and community values. In fact, integration of sustainable development goals (SDG) #3 wellness, #5 gender equality, #9 innovations, and #17 partnership is also a path for the futures of business.


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