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Integrating UNSDGs with Wellness and Technology for Sustainable and Green Economy

From Wellness to Sustainable Economy

Based on the ideas of Chei (2022) “Buddha teaches the logic of nature and how to live with the right way to sort out the tension which are the consequences of globalization and industrialization. Noble Eight fold path convey the wisdom light which direct the human with the aim of good morality and dignity; and transform the sustainable economy. Cultivating holistic relationship in green city plan will reduce the social risk and provide sustainable society development”, the author has interviewed four practitioners from apparel industry, media entertainment industry to blockchain technology and creative art industry to explore the key elements for sustainable economy in relation to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #3/8/9/16/17 on 30th May, 2022.  

The three key elements on transformations for sustainable development are: decentralization, disruptive business models and technological tools. A renowned artist mentioned that “Learning culture and Chinese Calligraphy drawing can develop inner peace with creativity in the journey of transformations.”

It is time to develop a good sense of observing the changes of the landscape and consumer behaviour with actions on projects that may be small but beautiful in the nature of building a better world with social inclusion.

“Learning how to use NFTs and Blockchain technology in school projects/ campaigns with certificates in smart contracts serves the purpose of environmental friendly, traceability and authenticity,” highlighted by Mr. Max Song, one of the interviewers on 30th May, 2022.

Mr Max SONG, Founder, Carbonbase

From Sustainable Economy to Green Finance

Further to the qualitative interview on 30th May, 2022, the author has conducted a quantitative research to identifying the key factors related to Green Finance. Five articles published from 2012 to 2021 were found. By digging deep into the articles, several relatable factors were identified to the topic, including :

Impact Investment, Carbon Tracking Mechanism, SDG Alignment, Impacts Measurement, and Compliance.


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