On June 13, 2022, SYART launched an event on expanding creative art business to Singapore. During the event, a number of artists, students and art curators have joined the event. Mr. SONG Yang, Founder of SYART 798 Gallery, Beijing, China presented his 16 years of learning and art entrepreneurial journey with technology, intellectual property (IP) and partnership for impacts.



Mr. SONG, Yang – SYART

In particular, Mr. Song shared on the therapeutic effect of art on the individual and interpersonal relations that are ever relevant in the modern day, and also on using the Metaverse as a means of engaging more deeply and with an immersive experience with a wider audience to amplify the social impact of the arts.

Through launching the Metaverse project in the U.S. December, 2021 and Beijing, 2022, Mr. Song expressed the need to engaging not only artist community, but also educators and experts in innovative technology for the creative economy, as declared by UNESCO in 2021. Lots of business learning and job opportunities emerged with the development of the Metaverse. For example, humanistic curators with good communication skills, virtual/ physical space designers, story tellers, coding/ NFT/ blockchain engineers with training experiences to serve as a layer to support knowledge transfer between management and front-line staff for mobilizing resources. Subsequently, such technical skill sets could enable a more level playing field in employment and job creation, which could serve as an environment to empower youth and women.    

The key strategy of the SYART international Metaverse projects covers two core elements – 1) the partnering of an art for social impact NFT platform, Art For Earth, to develop NFT projects through iconic IP characters and icons that will support the development of community art centres globally to sustainable run art therapy projects to aid the integration of disadvantaged communities. The core Metaverse content is in 2) the partnering of technical partners to create innovative and immersive art experiences.


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