What are the factors that motivate you to start your business in an Asian place?

I’m a Singaporean, so I started IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective in Singapore. Currently, we are heavily community-driven, so please stay tuned until the end of this year when we can show you both our minimum viable product and minimum viable community.

How do you overcome challenges in life to sustain your career and life?

I’ll like to think that having a growth mindset and a sense of humility are important to sustain a healthy career and life! 

How art, life, and business-related standards / good practices are used to create your business to reflect their characteristics?

I guess it’s important to remember that everything we create in web3.0 and the metaverse are created for fellow human beings. So as with all things, it is important to be kind. 

What kind of risks if your metaverse business is not that easy to be accepted by the local community? How do you innovate and transform with adaptation to the local culture?

A lot of Singaporean parents are worried that their children may be addicted to the internet and later on, the metaverse. I think it is important for Singaporean parents to be aware that addiction is a very real thing, and to form communities to effectively guide their children to enjoy the upsides of the metaverse while shielding them from the harm. 

How do we educate the community on the importance of values, trust, and empathy with a business model in Singapore Culture?

The beauty of the metaverse is that we can all explore different parts and versions of ourselves. So if you have always been a privileged person, explore the side of yourself that could be a minority in a given universe. 

Ms. Soh Wan Wei, IKIGUIDE Metaverse


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