Innovative Projects with Educational Values of Life, Human and the Nature


After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to re-invent the ways of organizing innovative projects with educational values of life, human and the nature via sustainable development goals (SDGs) with happiness, healthiness and business opportunities.

Through interviewing Dr. Tina Yuen, Medical Doctor/ Formulator/ Finished Product Innovator, we understood that the critical elements for a quality product is driven by the commitment of innovations and sustainability to align with the mission of an organization :

Dr. Tina Yuen, MD

“Reflecting on the harmful side effects of synthetic nutrients, Puredia is committed to scientific research on natural, innovative and efficacious nutritional ingredients. These goals are transformed into the three principles of Puredia’s product development: Organic, Innovation, and Clinically Proven.”

“Driven by our principles of product development – organic, innovation, and clinically proven, our products fulfilled the requirements of international standards, for example, ISO 9001, HACAAP, GMP, Halal… etc. , ensuring the quality, safety and suitability for different ethic groups. However, the challenges that we need to tackle are the 3Ps out of the 7Ps (product, price, place, promotion, process, physical evidence and people) of our innovative project on the new product “4.5K 100% Seaberry Juice” in terms of :

1) Promotional channels with credibility and traceability to reach our target customers aged 30s to 60s women community who are concerned with wellness and sustainable lifestyle;

2) Physical Evidence with “word-of-mouth” services to go with our quality products with global international standards; and

3) People with committed team culture to share resources in educating the target community on self-care management.

“Usually, pharmaceutical products have a higher requirement to fulfill market. We adopt a stringent policy in fulfilling product requirements in a convenient and user-friendly way to change the behavior of target customers of trying our wellness products for self management,” said Dr. Yuen.

The sharing of Dr. Tina Yuen echoed the research findings of Yeung (2022) that “Healing Innovations, Multi-disciplinary System, Self-Management, Symptom Management, Measurements of Anxiety Levels and Sources of Anxiety” in holistic wellness management. Dr. Yuen also pointed out the new product of Puredia’s SeaBerry follows not only the commonly seen quality-related international requirements, but also the dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR), for example, environmental dimension of restoring greens to the sandy desert in Tibet and community engagement.


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