Based on a recent interview with Mr. Yiu, JCI East Kowloon HK on their Pioneer Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Project on Mountaineering Safety, the standards or team culture adopted into the project are “Life Saving Elements – Moral Standards – Learn Survival Skills” which can help people in emergency. In order to avoid doing high risk activities and to develop a mindset of “SDG#3 wellness”, the community needs to be educated on saving the earth for better environment.

“When we talk about SDG#3, people are likely to join in because it is a no-cost activity while it can gather lots of people to join with. Some of us may be afraid to do exercises alone. Our SDG project may help the community to create not only awareness of SDG#3, but also SDG#15, protect the life on land, terrestrial places and ecosystem. This project can help to reflect the characteristics of SDGs in our SDG pioneer project,” said Mr. Yiu, JCI East Kowloon.

Mr. Yiu further highlighted that they attract the community to clean up wastes while hiking and appreciating the nature. “The meaning behind this SDG pioneer project is to nurture the community to have a feeling that they are part of the earth and take the hiking opportunities to contribute. It is the responsibility of every one of us to take actions on global warming and pollutions which are getting serious in recent years, “mentioned by Mr. Yiu. In fact, this mountaineering safety SDG pioneer project provides a simple but easy-to-implement way for a local NGO to achieve SDGs.

Mr. Yiu, JCI East Kowloon (right)

Mr. Yiu mentioned that their partners, for example, Volunteering Association and the Civil Aid Services, help them to recruit participants to join the event and develop safety instructions on mountaineering and hiking related activities.

Hence, SDG#3 and#17 are the key elements in this mountaineering safety SDG pioneer project with SDG#4.7 knowledge transfer on safety awareness and SDG#15 life on land. This well aligns with the findings of the author that the ways of educating employees, ways of creating or making use of innovations and ways of measuring improvement in health conditions need to be re-visited for creating positive change in attitude, for example, safety to become a global citizen.


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