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#SDG – Sustainable Parternship for Impacts – Renowned Artists X Event Professionals

The Resilience Art Debate 2021, Hong Kong convened by Dr. Shirley Yeung (Head, School of Business, Gratia Christian College) was held on 27th December, 2021 brought the key stakeholders from a diverse background of 8 places with 2 moderators – Musa, Kenya and Peter, Nairobi, and invited guests from academic sector, industries, NGOs and student winners of UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy, cohort of 2020 and 2021.

Following up this event, Dr. Shirley Yeung has been organizing an ongoing monthly virtual seminar on art, life, business with SDG/ ESG since 2019. Dr. Yeung takes an inquiry and experiential learning approach to use Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese paintings and values of resilience, persistence and harmony for knowledge transfer to students, teachers, NGOs and SMEs from 10+ countries.

On Nov. 2 , 2022, Dr. Yeung interviewed Ms. Ng, YL, Founder of Guble Art, on the innovative use of ceramic clay art with Chinese Calligraphy/ Drawing – master pieces of renowned artist Mr. Liu Yong.  The sharing of Ms. Ng is on a new mindset of a transformative business model with identity understanding.

Renowned Artist – Mr. Liu Yong

Through exploring the artwork of Mr. Liu Yong, Chinese Drawings with Calligraphy on Ceramic Products, a unique personality can be demonstrated via the integration of humanistic values into the persistence of innovations on artistic ceramic products.

Try to imagine using your hands to draw, write and create unique ceramic products with values. A property of art therapeutic value may be found to build a stronger inner self with expression and emotional disturbances may be overcome indirectly.

It is time for business practitioners and art curators to co-create a platform to explore the restorative and meditative benefits of creating ceramic products with Chinese Calligraphy and Drawings for impacts.


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