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Transformative Servant Business Leadership – Serve from Business / Social Perspectives

Yeung (2010) quoted a study of Husain at el. (2009) about adopting SERVQUAL model to assess educational service delivery and students’ satisfaction. The dimensions...

Women Empowerment – Entrepreneurial Spirit, Design Thinking and SDGs via UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy

On March 25, 2022, Dr. Shirley Yeung presented a speech on SDG#12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) for the ALPHAzulu Nugget 1Minute 1Goal event ( Dr. ...

Self-Management with Awareness of Intangible Resources for Transformations – UNSDG #3/4/9/16

Based on the underlying logics of accumulation, Lowendahl (1997) suggests that there are four fundamentally different categories of resources:  1) financial assets 2) tangible...

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Transformations in Achievement Foundation

Establishing a platform with credibility, innovations in processes, and transformation mindset with impacts is a challenge for business organizations and NGOs. Mr. Johnny Wong, Director of Achievement Foundation,...

Transformation with SDG #3 Wellness, #4.7 Knowledge Transfer and #5 Gender Equality – Case of Rotary Club, Peninsula East, Hong Kong

According to Verghese, Abraham (2008), mental health has two dimensions—absence of mental illness and presence of a well-adjusted personality that contributes effectively to...

UNSDG#4 Knowledge Transfer with #17 Partnership – Virtual Inauguration Ceremony, Rotaract Club, Rotary Club of Peninsula East

The World Bank (2017) defined social inclusion as a “process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society – improving...

Sustainable Development Goal #3 – Wellness / Energy Regained – Gokan Lounge, Hong Kong

23rd January, 2022 Based on the sharing of Dr. Ben Hau, Delegate of World Institute of Sustainable Development Planner (WISDP), initiative of UNESCO HK...

Quality of Education – SDG4.7

Providing quality education via UNSDGs 4.7 Knowledge Transfer is not an easy task.  Walk with vision is important for all levels of employees working in...

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