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SDGs with 3Os – Open-minded, Open Attitude and Open Source Data

Based on a recent interview with Mr. Paul Chan (innovation management principal consultant with commitment on design thinking and UNSDGs) that futures of education...

Transformative Servant Business Leadership – Serve from Business / Social Perspectives

Yeung (2010) quoted a study of Husain at el. (2009) about adopting SERVQUAL model to assess educational service delivery and students’ satisfaction. The dimensions...

Women Empowerment – Entrepreneurial Spirit, Design Thinking and SDGs via UNOSSC Entrepreneurial Academy

On March 25, 2022, Dr. Shirley Yeung presented a speech on SDG#12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) for the ALPHAzulu Nugget 1Minute 1Goal event ( Dr. ...

Self-Management with Awareness of Intangible Resources for Transformations – UNSDG #3/4/9/16

Based on the underlying logics of accumulation, Lowendahl (1997) suggests that there are four fundamentally different categories of resources:  1) financial assets 2) tangible...

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Transformations in Achievement Foundation

Establishing a platform with credibility, innovations in processes, and transformation mindset with impacts is a challenge for business organizations and NGOs. Mr. Johnny Wong, Director of Achievement Foundation,...

Transformation with SDG #3 Wellness, #4.7 Knowledge Transfer and #5 Gender Equality – Case of Rotary Club, Peninsula East, Hong Kong

According to Verghese, Abraham (2008), mental health has two dimensions—absence of mental illness and presence of a well-adjusted personality that contributes effectively to...

UNSDG#4 Knowledge Transfer with #17 Partnership – Virtual Inauguration Ceremony, Rotaract Club, Rotary Club of Peninsula East

The World Bank (2017) defined social inclusion as a “process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society – improving...

Sustainable Development Goal #3 – Wellness / Energy Regained – Gokan Lounge, Hong Kong

23rd January, 2022 Based on the sharing of Dr. Ben Hau, Delegate of World Institute of Sustainable Development Planner (WISDP), initiative of UNESCO HK...

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