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Quality of Education – SDG4.7

Providing quality education via UNSDGs 4.7 Knowledge Transfer is not an easy task.  Walk with vision is important for all levels of employees working in...

Quality Services – UNSDG#5 Gender Equality (WWL Awards, Summentor Pro)

Providing quality services to employees for quality life style is one of the organizational objectives which seldom been explored comprehensively in the past few years....

Ecosystem of Art Life Business Community

Ecosystem of Artist Community Understand how artists think and creating a platform with jobs and contents to share for artist community Ecosystem of Technological Specialists Implement technology...

Sustainable Development via Women Empowerment + Understanding of SDGs

Wendy Lam, Cofounder, Lifeast - Let's tell the story Based on the interview with women professionals in academic, healthcare and worldwide NGOs from America,...

Wellness via artistic-based therapy – using hands with a focused mind to resilience

Under COVID-19, we realize that there is a need to learn about adaptation to uncertainty. Life skill development with economic choice making is a...

Resilience Skills – Wellness and Energy

A qualitative research was done to analyze factors potentially related to Resilience Skills  Enhancement. Ten articles published from 2012 to 2021 were found. By digging...

Servant Leadership and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Basic necessities are similar to the ones, emphasized in the MDGs, and all of them are essential for leading a life, on which spiritual...

Transformation via SDGs + Ongoing Dialogue and Networking to Serve

Sustainable Development (SD) mindset with entrepreneurial spirit and design thinking have been mentioned in past studies for innovations and transformations.  Under COVID-19, there is...

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