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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Transformations in Achievement Foundation

Establishing a platform with credibility, innovations in processes, and transformation mindset with impacts is a challenge for business organizations and NGOs.

Mr. Johnny Wong, Director of Achievement Foundation, agreed with no more that the Quality Service Provider Measurement Model (Yeung, 2021) is helpful in the transformation process of Achievement Foundation. The four elements are : credibility in people, credibility in organization, innovation in process and sincerity in people.

Mr. Wong mentioned that the effective way to visualize transformation is to bridge the gap between frontline staff and middle/ top management with data and good practices from different countries about the ways to deliver training to parents, children, trainers, and partners.

Mr. Johnny Wong, Achievement Foundation

One of the ways to nurturing servant leaders in NGOs to serve the community is to adopt UN Sustainable Development Goals into their lives. Mr. Wong highlighted that “sit and wait” is no longer a good way to change under COVID-19. He mentioned that changes under COVID-19 are fast and sometimes unpredictable. Hence, a fluid mindset with adaptation is needed to suit the needs of service users. 

A change of mindset is an ongoing issue. 

Mr. Wong believes that the process of innovation, for example online mode of service delivery, is a way out. He took a proactive and transformative servant leadership role in expanding the services of Achievement Foundation from Hong Kong to South Asian countries to serve the community with a change of mindset, a change in process delivery, and a change of perceiving uncertainty.

Mr. Wong has delivered a clear message of transformation – ongoing dialogue with solid data from nearby countries, for example, Singapore and Mynarmar, on understanding the application of UNSDGs from economic, socio/cultural, and environmental perspectives, transferring the mindset, skills, attitudes, and values which enable their trainers and partners, services users, children and parents to adapt to a new uncertain environment.

Working for an inclusive community is to bring about positive changes via appreciating the good practices of partnering organizations with contributions and commitment to the UNSDGs, implanting caring into our lives; and offering insights for the young generation to grasp the meaning transformative servant leadership.  


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