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SDGs with 3Os – Open-minded, Open Attitude and Open Source Data

Based on a recent interview with Mr. Paul Chan (innovation management principal consultant with commitment on design thinking and UNSDGs) that futures of education relie on a 3Os mindset and a 3Cs approach. We need to be open- minded with an open attitude and open source of data to unlearn and relearn for the knowledge that we have gained.

Besides, with a 3Cs approach – community-building, communication with true data and connections can help us to think from a new 3-D perspective. This is a part of life education – reflect with cultural understanding, relearn knowledge for sustainable lifestyle with art elements to re-build a community that we are pursuing.

The sharing of Mr. Chan echos to the recent research findings of Dr. Shirley Yeung (Chair, Metaverse Mindset Project, UNSDSN-Kenya) that the key factors potentially related to Art Curriculum with Business for Resilience are: Online Learning Management Approach and Satisfaction in Life.

Mr. Paul KK CHan (Paul Design/ Innovation Management)

Hence, it is time for educators and trainers in the workplace to consider how to foster spiritual and cultural spirit with technology. We need to create a metaverse learning environment to students to think and re-think, to unlearn, relearn and seek answers for themselves, inviting students to ask questions rather than declare responses.

If a student becomes more attuned to his or her Metaverse Mindset and embraces an adventurous spirit, he or she may produce a product or design a service or a service flow. Then, a maker emerges. A maker is a producer rather than a consumer. A maker can be an author, a designer, an engineer, an artist, a builder, an architect with originality and understanding of life. A teacher can facilitate a learner with a maker’s spirit via DIY mentorship with suggestions and encouragement. Designing an app, creating a website, writing your own story, reflecting on a lesson, designing an IG template, painting a picture, taking a photograp, planting a garden at home with explanation of the ideas is a transformative learning journey. What happens to our lives, and how to seek answers from the design process are part of the transformative learning journey.

A Metavese Mindset is important because it is a mental framework that allows a learner, a teacher, a CEO…etc. to look inward and outward, to look for answers in life, business, communities with motivation, life satisfaction and re-invent a new way of absorbing knowledge, making the learning process in a funtech meaning-to-life way.


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