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Entertainment Related Business and UNSDGs

Based on data provided by UNESCO, no century has experienced so many and even intense social changes as in the 20th century.

In the social science literature, the term “social transformation” is increasingly used to describe social change, and on the topic of “development”, there is generally a critical position on traditional ideas. The idea of social transformation does not use the Western model as the object that all other countries should follow. Instead, it acknowledges that the current forces of change also create crises for old industrial countries. Some scholars believe that as a category of learning, the study of social transformation can bring positive effects to society and politics, and protect local and national communities from the negative impact of global change.

Based on a recent interview of Mr Marvin Lam, Co-Founder of Entertain Man Limited with SDG Enterprise Awards granted by JCI Victoria, 2021, focused on SDG#4 Knowledge Transfer, there is a change of delivering magic entertainment related activities to individuals and organizations in term of inputs of empathy and materials used, processes of details and design thinking, and outputs of interactive atmosphere.


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