SDG#3 – Wellness / #8 – Economic Opportunities for New Mother Communities


The pre-natal and post-natal therapy service providers may need to re-think the competence of personnel who are involved in tasks affecting the quality of services to mum-to-be for expected outcomes of pre-natal and post-natal caring/ wellness related services under COVID-19.

For example,

Evaluate the quality of pre-natal/ post-natal curriculum and competency of trainees with survey of training.

Defining Needs of Post-natal/ Caring Service Providers

It is time for pre-natal and post-natal caring/ wellness service providers to re-design and re-allocate the resources for qualified training services, reflecting the new skills for continual improvement to serve the community.

Based on a recent interview with Ms. Lau, experienced in prenatal and postnatal services, on 11th October, 2021, it is realized that professional midwife training service providers may consider the following areas with a structured curriculum :

1) Regulatory / Compliance on protection to new mothers on breast-feeding;

2) Knowledge on nutritional food / drinks with cultural values before and after childbirth;

3) Technology to be used for delivering training to midwife/ caretaker/ new mother communities on how to take care of newborn in a safe and hygienic way; and

4) Use of innovative methods to communicate among new mothers and their families for emotion support.

Ms. Lau, Registered Nurse


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