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Future Sustainable Lifestyle via Establishing a Community of Responsible Bakery Shoppers and Operators

Despite the concerns of wellness and healthy diet health research, establishing strong and sustained community with responsible bakery shoppers and operators remains a challenge in business operations and academic research. In order to validate the findings of Kegler et.al. (2016) on community enhancement projects on community health, and explore the things need to be done, 12 articles related to bakery shop operations and pastry retail standards Asia have been searched from e-database and internet (2006-2019) via N’vivo content analysis. The key elements identified for responsible brand (183 references) and retail community of bakery shoppers (110 references) are:

– Quality measurement (770 references);

– Fusion design (536 references);

– Fresh ingredients (357 references);

– Clean label (324 references);

–  Weight Control (244 references); and

– Appealing packaging (232 references).

The documents that are of a relevance value of the above are: bakery shop related to Finalnd (2019), strategies to bread (2018) and TQM in bakery management (2006). Responsible retail bakery shop operators are recommended to explore a framework with the above elements in shop design, bread/ pastry design, package and label design to enhance the community of target bread/ pastry consumers with quality user experiences in the shop. The model on community-health research proposed by Kegler can help to narrowing the gap between research, practice and ultimately, impact on community health.


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