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Diversity with Multi-disciplinary knowledge for SDG#4.7 – Knowledge Transfer

On 11th November, 2021, an event with HK style paintings and accessories have been organized by Mr. Vlada Davidovic, Asian Development Manager, Campo Marzio and Dr. Shirley Yeung, Head, School of Business, Gratia Christian College (UNPRME Advanced Signatory Institute, HK) with young female artists and ladies accessories designer who have received architectural professional training and practical experiences in past years.

Andrea, Cofounder, Kinkslab (far left)

Event Co-designer, Dr. Shirley Yeung has ongoing implemented UNSDGs#3 wellness, #8 economic impacts, #9 innovations, and #17 partnership for a transformative business model to empower women.   

Kinks Lab

Networking with business returns and humanistic appreciation of cultures have been found in this kind of co-created event. The operation of a retail business shop needs to re-visit with business and social partners with a diversity of background and multi-disciplinary knowledge for knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer, personal sustainability with peace which has been mentioned by a recent Futures of Education Forum, organized by UNESCO HK Association/ Glocal Peace Centre in Asia Society (10th, Nov., 2021)  

“Art related services well relied on the synergy of networking. This kind of networking with business opportunities and relationship enhancement, in fact, help us to develop resilience skills for the future ,” said Venus, Illustrator. 

Venus, Illustrator (right)


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